Saint Bede also known as Bede the Venerable was an Englishman by birth. He is well known as an author, teacher and scholar, and his   most famous work, Ecclesiastical History of the English People, gained him the title “The Father of English History“. Bede was one of the greatest teachers and writers of the Early Middle Ages and is considered by many historians to be the most important scholar of antiquity for the period between the death of Pope Gregory I in 604 and the coronation of Charlemagne in 800. In 1899, Pope Leo XIII declared him a Doctor of the Church. He is the only native of Great Britain to achieve this designation; Anselm of Canterbury, also a Doctor of the Church, was originally from Italy. Bede was moreover a skilled linguist and translator, and his work made the Latin and Greek writings of the early Church Fathers much more accessible to his fellow Anglo-Saxons, which contributed significantly to English Christianity. Bede’s monastery had access to an impressive library which included works by Eusebius, Orosius, and many others.

            An Englishman by birth, St. Bede received his education in a monastery from another Saint and scholar.  Later he joined the monastery and became a priest.  As a famous Teacher and learned writer he spent his life teaching the young.  His knowledge of the Sacred books and the tradition of the earlier Teachers was highly admired.  We celebrate his feast on 25th May.  St. Bede’s is our Patron, Teacher and Role model in our studies.

            We at St. Bede’s feel extremely contented and propitious to sing our School Anthem on every auspicious occasion and assemblies expressing our assiduous Feeling to Our Alma Mater – St. Bede promising to stand by its motto – “DOCE NOS VIAM BONAM’ MEANING” “TEACH US THE RIGHT WAY”

School Anthem

Come boys raise a song
To the School that we love
Its proud heritage and tradition
We’ll stand by its motto
We’ll prove to be true
And to God and our Country an honour.

Chorus: God Bless St. Bede’s dear School our hearts
                 We’ll love you and cherish you ever,
                 “TEACH US THE RIGHT WAY” direct all our paths!
                 and lead us to noble endeavour.

To do what is noble and upright and true
To make that our constant endeavour.
Yes that’s what St. Bede’s tries to teach us to do
And we’ll cherish those lessons for ever.
Thus Long live St. Bede’s – the DEAR SCHOOL OF OUR HEARTS!!!!