School is one of the instruments in the orchestra of one’s life.  The word ‘music’ touches every one’s life.  Music not only gives peace but also gives relaxation, calmness and tranquility.
    Music is  an important part of education.  Our school has also paved a way for many a Budding songsters right from the primary till the higher secondary.  The Choir is led by Bro.Stalin and Mrs. Lavina Smith.  The students were under the training of Mrs. Sagaya Lourdu Jennifer and Ms. Hadrianne in the primary for classes I to V.  For the High school and Hr. Secondary, Mr. Dinesh Kumar and Mrs. Kavidha Williams extended their help in training the students of Classes VI to XII.  The School choir consisted about 80 students including the keyboard, Guitarist, Drummer , the Saxophonists and the Accordion player.
    Besides singing for the assemblies and Cultural programmes in the school, music and Singing classes was organised for the students from classes VI to VIII every Wednesday.  It was Headed by the our Headmaster, Rev. Fr. Stephen Joseph, Co-ordinated by Mrs. Lavina Smith and the music teacher Miss. Agatha Joseph.
    Besides academic education, our school also excels in providing opportunities to take  part in Co- curricular activities like singing, drama.  Music and learning different songs has enhanced both the spiritual and emotional aspects of life in our students.
                               “ PLAY THE MOMENTS
                                  PAUSE THE MEMORIES
                                  STOP THE PAIN
                                  REWIND THE HAPPINESS



    St. Bede’s school band with 48 dexterous students are trained by Mr. Lucas and Mr. John Albert


    1. The school band is involved in programs like House Inauguration, Sports Day, Festa Di Talenti, Science Exhibition, Teachers Day, and Annual day.
    2. 26-01-2019- St.Bede’s Band participated at the Republic Day parade held at Marina beach Chennai the guest of honour being The Governor of Tamil Nadu Mr. Banwarilal Purohit.
    3. 5-09-2019- St.Bede’s Band were the guard of honour for the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu Mr. Edappadi K. Palaniswami held at Anna Centenary Library in view of Teachers Day program.
    4. 14-11-2019- Our Band Boys offered guard of honour for Tamilnadu Education Minister Mr. K.A. Sengottaiyan for the Children’s Day day program which was held at St. Bede’s Centenary Auditorium.
    5. 26-01-2019- St.Bede’s Band participated at the Republic Day parade held at DPI office Chennai the guest of honour being The Education Director of Tamil Nadu
      Mr. S.Kannappan.

    The Science Club is one of the prominent club existing in our school.  The aim is to grow  with intellectual Knowledge in Science and its subsequent fields. The mission is to impart not only theoretical knowledge but enhance practical skills too.  Every year, the Science club nominates a Secretary and Vice Secretary from classes XI and XII as a student representative.

    # “BEDEX” is the festival for the Science department where the students from Stds. I to XII are given an opportunity to display their innovative and ingenious projects and inventions in the various branches of Science.  It is also a Inter School Competition to the neighbouring Schools too.

    #  Students who secure 94% and above in the Std X Government Board exams are selected to attend a one week Career Guidance Programme at Ooty or in one of the leading colleges in Chennai where focus is given in making a choice for their future endeavours.

    The Science Club also organises various events for the students like

    • Science Inspire Award for Stds VI to X
    • Quiz Competitions organised by Byjus and Discovery Channel for Stds IV – IX
    • Display of models, quiz and drawing competitions by Birla Planetorium
    • Participating in various Science competitions linked to Schools and Colleges
    • Display of a Project at the Chennai Trade Fair for a week by the students of Stds.  VIII to XI.

    Even the Science handling Teachers of St. Bede’s took part in a seminar work , displaying projects and models. The Teachers play a visionary role in the club so that the students receive an opportunity to become productive and original in the field of Science.



    Commerce is the backbone for the Indian economy. English novelist and art historian Anita Brooker said of commerce “The lessons thought in great books are misleading. The commerce in real life is rarely so simple and never so just.”
    The commerce stream after the completion of class X is quite a popular one in India, as most students feel that the stream offers them a wide arena of career options to pursue after class XII that would bring them both success as well as financial security.
    In Commerce, you can study various subjects like Accountancy, Business studies, economics etc. One can look for jobs as an accountant or pursue a professional course in CA, ACS, CMA, MBA and IAS.
    Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalization has resulted in great demand for commerce courses in city schools and colleges and are still continuing to ride a high wave. Commerce stream is more profitable to students who have an aptitude as well an avid interest in it. As Thomas Gray puts it “Commerce changes the fate and genius of nations”.

    1. To study various types of businesses organisations, their features, structure and functioning, marketing, operations management, human resource management etc.
    2. To master the art of doing business and keep abreast in the corporate culture and prepare the students for their professional life.
    3. To enable students to understand how business activities influence the society and the economy directly or indirectly through employment generation, income, standard of living and an opportunity for personal enterprise.
    4. To enable the students studying accountancy learn the art of recording, classifying and summarizing in a significant manner and in terms of money, and events which are financial in character and interpreting results thereof.

    1. The head of the department Mr. Gerard attended the orientation program in the month of August for higher secondary commerce course organised by Tamil Nadu Education Department.
    2. During the month of October Mr. CA Abbas Unjhawala and Mr. CA Rohit Ravi addressed our students and gave a glimpse of the career opportunities available for Commerce students and highlighted the importance of Courses like CA, CMA, ACS, MBA, IAS, ACCA and CPA.
    3. In the month of November before the commencement of Half yearly exams for the Students of standard XI and XII, Mr. G. Neeraj Kumar gave a lecture on the topics Contract Act and Negotiable Instruments Act which are dealt for higher secondary students and also as a subject in professional courses.
    4. Accountancy Marvel exam conducted by KS Academy took place in the month of January, where 50 students from the commerce department took part in the exam and after the exam the students also attended a career counselling meet conducted by CA K. Saravanan proprietor of KS Academy.
    5. Special coaching and attention was given to the slow learners of standard XII. Personal care and attention was also given to the boarding students who were to appear for the government board exam.
    6. With the cooperation of the Management, Teachers and Students we were able to secure 100% results.

    With the support, cooperation and able guidance of Rector and Correspondent Rev. Fr. Stanley, The Headmaster Rev. Fr. Stephen, Assistant Headmasters Mr. Loyola and Mr. Edwin Jayaseelan, Commerce and Economics teachers Mr. Gerard, Mr. Eugene Reddy and Mr. Jagan, we are moving forward to greater heights. Let us continue our journey with the same zeal and courage. It is our wish and prayer that we as a family “ Make the young, our life’s Mission by coming to know and imitate Don Bosco”.
    Presented by:
    Mr. Gerard and Mr. Eugene Reddy
    Commerce Teachers

    The Tamil Literary Association (TLA), the English Literary Association (ELA), The French Literary Association (FLA) and the German Literary Association (GLA) was inaugurated on the 26th of June 2019. The Chief Guest of the day were from Respective Language departments. The Chief guest spoke about the importance of all languages and on the importance of Tamil in the present situation of Tamil Culture. The French Department students sang a song in French. There was a skit performed by the German Students, an enactment of a poem by the English Literary Association, and a dance by the Tamil Literary Associations.
    The NSS of our school is a vibrant unit acting headed by Rev. Fr. Stephen Joseph, the Headmaster, co-ordinated by the Programme Officer Dr. A.Martin Mary John and helped by the teaching and non teaching staff. The NSS was launched in India on the 24th of September, 1969, during the birth Centenary of Mahatma Gandhi. The NSS is also a voluntary association of young people in colleges, Universities and at a Higher Secondary level in Schools, working for a campus community linkage especially in villages.
    The motto of NSS – NOT ME, BUT YOU reflects the essence of democratic living and upholds the need for selfless service.


    # enables students to consider and appreciate others’ point of view
    # an opportunity for NSS volunteers to arouse social awareness
    # to develop the knowledge of social realities
    # to have concern towards the well being of the community
    # to engage students in creative and constructive social action
    # The NSS volunteers gain confidence by participating in the activities
    # They learn to make a plan and then execute the plan with Teamwork.
    # Enhances leadership qualities, fraternity ,develop risk taking skills
    # Improves the physical and mental strength of Student volunteers
    # Enable students to get an experience of helping during natural calamities.


    The NSS have involved the student volunteers from Std XI and XII by registering
    themselves via the Programme Officer. The NSS has two major activities performed.
    1. The regular and 2. The Special Camp

          The Regular Activities involving NSS student volunteers are:
    # Cleaning of village ponds and wells
    # Learning Environmental Sanitation and disposal of garbage and composting
    # Preventing soil erosion and work for Soil Conservation
    # Surveying the adopted village and identifying the villagers’ problems
    # Visiting a hospital, old age home and orphanage
    # Evolution of project work
    # Completion of projects
    # Conducting Immunization Camps
    # Conducting Blood Donating and Blood detection Camps
    # Conducting Rallies and Campaigns

         The Special Camp is organised once a year in an adopted village. The camp is for 7 days with day – night            boarding and lodging. These camps make the NSS volunteers
    # to become aware of the rich cultural diversity of India, promotes various
    adventural activities
    # infuses the sense of love towards various regions,
    # Learning to lead as a leader, fraternity and team spirit values are developed
    # Plantation of Trees, creating gardens
    # Construction and maintenance of Village streets
    # Emphasising on the dignity of labour and self help
    # Developing Nation s’ Pride through Social Service
    # Learning about our Diversified Culture


    A Volunteer who has completed 240 hours ie. ( 120 hours of service in Std XI and 120 hours in Std XII ) in the regular and special camp is entitled to receive a Government Certificate. This certificate will be of aid to the Student NSS Volunteer in receiving the 5% reservation available during admission in Colleges as well as for getting a job.

       Ever since St. Bede’s started in 1907 ,it stands unique with it’s name and fame undoubtedly. Adding glory and fame to the institution stands the scout troop. St. Bede’s Scout Troop was started in 1967 since then it plays a major role in shaping and moulding the minds of the young. As a fact “SCOUTING IS OUTING”.

    # The scouts are engaged with 10% of indoor activities (theory) and 90% of outdoor activities (Practical). They are trained in such a way that they keep themselves physically strong, mentally awake and morally upright. They are trained to BE PREPARED to face and adapt to situations constructively.

    # Weekly meetings are conducted regularly for 45 minutes which consists of flag procedure, theory/practicals and a wild game.

    #. They are taken to far off places like Ooty, Yercaud, Amirthi forest, etc. for the annual camp for a week stay every year.

    #. Their outfit itself gives them a proud feeling that they are unique. Boys are generally are recruited in scouting at the age of 12.

    #. Scouts are awarded with merit certificates and badges as they complete and move to the next level in scouting. The highest award that any scout would aspire to achieve is ‘THE RASTRAPATHI AWARD’, popularly known as ‘The President Award’.

    St. Bede’s is cheerful and feels auspicious to say that 12 to 24 Scouts register and receive the Rajyapuraskar Award too every year.

          The Scout troop has got two units efficiently handled by four trained Scout Masters. St. Bede’s Scout Troop is not worried about how the boys are when they are recruited but concerned about how they turn out to be when they pass out. We make sure every individual scout turns out to be a propitious and felicitous Scouts.

  8. CUBS

    St Bede’s cubs pack began after a break in the year 2017 and ever since it plays a major role in shaping and moulding the minds of the young .Cubs are programs associated for young children usually between the age group of 5 to 12 years. A participant in the program is called a Cub .A group of Cubs is called a Pack.

    The motto is ” Do your best”

    Recognition and awards encourage the Cubs to learn about a variety of subjects ,such as conversation ,safety, physical fitness, community awareness, academic subject, sports and religious activities.These interests might become a hobby or even a career later in life.

    # Weekly meetings are conducted on regular basis for 45 minutes which consists of flag procedure, prayer song, cub greetings, cub oath, stories, action songs and games.

    # They are also taken for a one day camp once or twice in a year.Their outfit itself gives them a proud feeling that they are unique. Activities, competitions and games are conducted pack wise and children enjoy themselves.

          St Bede’s cubs pack and Scout Teachers make it a point that every individual joins the Scout Troop when they reach the middle school and as a result they become beneficial and honest citizens serving our nation.


               The Junior Red Cross is the students wing of Red Cross society.It’s a student movement organised within the school. Students enrolled in JRC are called as “Juniors” and the Teachers who are guiding them are called as “Counsellors”.
    The motto of JRC is “Health,Service,Friendship”.All the activities of JRC revolve around these three aspects.
    The JRC unit of St.Bede’s has been functioning actively for the past 20yrs. Every year around 40 to 50 students will be enrolled into the movement, They have weekly classes wherein they are taught the values of a Healthy lifestyle, Service to the society, developing good friendships among each other. One day in a week they will be allowed to report in school in their JRC uniform.Juniors actively participate in all school activities such as Investiture ceremony, Sports Day , Parents day etc, JRC is vested with the responsibility of keeping the campus green and clean too .Once a year,t he juniors will be taken for a field camp for about 3 days mostly to Javadi hills or Yelagiri Hills.
    Though blood donation is not stressed on too much at the school level, the juniors are taught the values of life and donating blood for a good cause.

    CCC is functioning in our School from June 2019 with the students from classes VI to IX, in order to create awareness among the students about the consumer rights and responsibilities . The club also enables the students to understand the fundamental rights among all consumer segments of a citizen. The club is organized by the Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection Department of Tamil Nadu. The teachers incharge of the CC Club in St. Bede’s School are Mrs. Amali. J and Mr. Arul Prakash.

    Media Club gives opportunity to students to be creative in media. To express their idea through media and graphic tools. It helps student to learn in detail about media, its advantages, disadvantages and the usage if the same in a positive aspect. The main objective of media club is to develop an understanding of the effects of media, and to conduct workshops on graphic tools.

    1. To make the students to communicate through media..
    2. To develop an understanding of the effects of mass media on themselves as individuals and also upon society.
    3. To encourage students to express their feelings and thoughts through media messages.
    4. To make the students to take part in graphic events.
    5. To conduct workshop for students.


    1. Displaying good thoughts ,creative works of students and school activities on
    the notice board.
    2. taking pictures and videos during school functions.
    3. Editing video and audio for school events.

    Teachers In charge:
    Mr. Edward Francis
    Mr. Pradeep
    Mrs. Rathi
    Mrs. Sophia
    No of students : 10 students from std IX.

  12. ECO CLUB
    Vision : Greener environment
    The club aims in creating a clean and a green environment. Students of Std VII and IX are active members of the club. The club meets once a week to discuss environmental issues and current affairs based on it. The students clean the campus (remove plastic wrappers) after breaks.
    Tree planting activity is a party of the club. Saplings are planted during Sports
    Day, Annual Day and also during Culturals.
    A small herbal garden is also maintained by the students. The Teachers Incharge of the Eco Club are Mrs. Jehosheba, Mr. Abraham.k., Mr. Edin Prabhu and Mr. Thomas Edison.
  13. YCS/YSM – Young Catholic Students/Young Students Movement
    Motto- To Lead, To Serve, To Shine
    Aim- “A Just Society”- God’s Kingdom
    Objectives- Self change- change others
    Personality development
    Leadership through talent exposure
    Faith formation
    Building up a better future
    Fighting for social justice and peaceAnimators- Mrs.A. Rita Mary
    Mr. Arul PrakashThe YCS/YSM has been a successful part of St.Bede’s Anglo Indian HSS.The movement for the academic year 2019-20 was inaugurated by the Secretary/Director of YSM- Rev.Fr. L Antony Doss along with his group members who motivated the students through his speech about the movement and the significance of character development in one’s life .
    He also emphasised the importance of knowing oneself and building a good camaraderie with the fellow students.There are five cells in the school, each cell consisting of four students. The animators played a major role in planning various activities every month for the students to discover their talents and motivated them to become their best versions.They incurred in them personality development, faith formation, discipline in life, religious harmony and social awareness to fight for justice and peace.We were well communicated and guided about the movement and its procedures as per the Archdiocese of Madras- Mylapore Youth Commission through our Headmaster Rev.Fr.Stephen Joseph, who played a major role in making the movement successful in our school. Many students are looking forward to joining the movement in the upcoming year.We the animators and the students are privileged to be a part of this movement and thank the school management for giving us this opportunity and lending their support throughout.

    The National Cadet Corps (NCC) is the Indian military cadet corps which works to inculcate the qualities of discipline and patriotism among youth of the nation. It is open to school and college students on voluntary basis. The Cadets are given basic military training in small arms and parades. Our school is given approval to have NCC Army troop from this year. Students from STD 8 and 9 are eligible to enrol themselves in the NCC Army unit. So far 25 students have enrolled.

    The Aims of the NCC:
    *To improve the leadership quality, friendship, sportsmanship and social service.
    *To create a disciplined group, which would help the nation in trouble.
    *To cultivate leadership qualities among students which would help them to join in an Army.

    NCC students will be given a military training. Apart from this, the students who joined in NCC will be given priority in college (particularly professional colleges), Government and Private Jobs. In addition to that they can join in the army directly without appearing for the interview conducted by the Central Recruitment Board, if they possess a degree with ′C′ certificate. The selected persons can be selected for Army officers after getting a special training. By this, they can join directly in the Army.
    Training is given for the purpose of getting ′B′ and ′C′ certificates.

  15. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan
    “Sanitation is more important than political independence”, M. K. Gandhi. Mission: The main mission of the Abhiyan is to place a focus on sanitation, cleanliness, and to eliminate open defecation in India by 2019.


    1. Eliminating open defecation
    2. Improving quality of life in the rural areas, by promoting cleanliness, hygiene and elimination of open defecation
    3. Eradicating manual scavenging
    4. Effecting behavioural change regarding healthy sanitation practices
    5. Accelerating sanitation coverage in rural areas
    6. Encouraging cost effective and appropriate technologies for ecologically-safe and sustainable sanitation

    Prime Minister of our country launched the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan on 2nd October 2014 following the path shown by Mahatma Gandhi. A Swachh Bharat was one of Gandhiji’s dearest dreams and it was his belief in the cause, which made our country come so far ahead in this journey. The mission of the program is to focus on sanitation, cleanliness and to eliminate open defecation in India. The national movement for ‘Swachh Bharat’ can also be viewed as ‘Swastha Bharat’ as it comprises of a series of public health initiatives towards practicing preventive health. Mr. Jagan of our school was the teacher incharge of promoting Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.